turning NEGATIVES into POSITIVEs - Guest blog by laura bland, fitness coach and mentor


It wasn’t that long ago that I was a care free single woman with no real commitments and plenty of time to do exactly as I wanted. Or at least in some ways it doesn’t feel that long ago and yet in other ways it feel like it was a lifetime ago. Here I am now with a 7.5yr old daughter, lots of commitments and way less time to myself. My partner and I have been together for just over 11 years now and it has been a very eventful 11 years.

Not long after we met Leigh, my partner, sustained and injury to his right ankle. At the time everyone told us it was nothing – just a sprain. But after years of operations, physiotherapy, pain medication and all sorts of other things Leigh had to have his right leg amputated from just below his knee. You can imagine this was a tough decision for us and a really challenging time, Callie, our daughter was 15months old when Leigh had the surgery.

I had felt very much like a single parent for some time due to Leigh’s restricted mobility and now it was like I had a second child. He did as much as he could for himself but suddenly finding himself permanently disabled and needing to learn to walk again took a toll on his mental health and he went through some really tough times.



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But that’s not why I’m writing this blog, I’m not here to talk about the bad stuff or try to garner sympathy. What I want to talk about is how you can take those negatives and turn them around into the biggest positives possible. It’s important for me though that you understand that what I say comes from a place of real experience.

When I saw Leigh learning to walk all over again and refusing to let his new disability hold him back it ignited a fire inside of me. I realised I had become lost in that role as mum and carer and whilst I didn’t begrudge or regret anything I needed to find me again. My starting point was my health and fitness, I’d quit the gym along time ago, I was barely running anymore and ordering a takeaway was happening far too often.

Little did I know that this one decision, this decision to prioritise me, was going to open so many doors and eventually lead me to where I am today. Getting to the gym was no longer a simple thing, Leigh couldn’t always physically care for Callie and sometimes he was away for weeks at a time, I couldn’t afford the extra cost of child care just to get a workout done.


I gradually started to get back into running but that wasn’t quite what I needed. So I started working out at home. To begin with I was following along to videos in my living room, over time I started to buy some basic bits of equipment, some hand weights and resistance loops and a few other things. I surprised myself by getting my fitness back, getting my weight down and more importantly that time I spent working out let me have time to myself, time to look after my own mental health and wellbeing, although I didn’t realise that back then.

I realised that there would be so many other women just like me – wanting to get fit and healthy but with no means or no desire to get out to the gym. I started to share my story and then I took it a step further and set up my fitness coaching business. Now I offer nutrition plans, written workout plans and 1:1 workouts via video call.

The best bit of all though is this: because I work out at home my now 7.5 year old daughter sees being active and getting exercise as just a normal thing to do and she is often there joining in with me. We’re building healthy habits from a young age and you can too. Children love to copy and mimic us, they do it all the time in their formative years without us even realising. So be a great example, show them how they can look after themselves and encourage them to join in with you.

It's also why I love Iris Dares and their philosophy for kids ot be themselves. Get them outside - even if it's in one of their amazing dresses! 

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Laura Bland, is a devoted partner to Leigh, mum to Callie and supporter of many. Laura has shared more of her’s and Leighs journey in books Mumpreneur on Fire 3 and Perfect Health Volume 1, (both available to buy on Amazon). Most recently she has released her own fitness and nutrition tracker and journal to help busy women take control of their own health. If you would like a copy you can order on Amazon http://bit.ly/FitnessandNutritionLauraB

Laura works online with women right across the UK to support them in their fitness journey, she uses meal planning and 1:1 workouts via video call to help her clients. You can access her support via her website www.laurab-fitnessmentor.com.