get the kids baking! a guest blog from sarah hadley rainsford

top tips for baking with kids!

Getting kids of any age baking is not only a great way to create happy memories, build skills for life and be a creative outlet, it’s a great way to use maths and science in everyday life. It’s also has great mental health benefits to boot!

The family rumour is my love affair with cakes began with my first birthday cake but my own first baking memory was creating cakes from my Ladybird ‘Cooking with Mother’ book!

baby birthday cake
kids baking
kids having fun baking

patience is key with getting kids baking!

Simple chocolate crispy cakes seemed an easy thing for a 4ish year old to attempt…

My first lesson…patience is key!

  • When the recipe said heat something slowly it was for a reason….. (imagine my poor mum coming home to lots of burnt pans).
  • Measure your ingredients out, having them laid out all ready for when you start is the best way to do this.
  • Combining them in the correct order is the best way of success
  • Waiting for that treat to bake and cool so you can taste them definitely requires lots of patience.

It wasn’t until high school at 11 where I met Mrs Osbourne that I had someone take me under their wing and teach me the baking fundamentals, Mrs Osbourne being old school, taught me a way of baking that has stayed with me for life. I loved Mrs Osbourne, can you tell? I’m now in my 40’s but my childhood memories of baking are clear and special to me so when my son was born it was something I liked to do with him. It’s an excellent way to teach children patience, independence and awareness away from distracting tech and in a way they don’t even know they are being taught.

So my second piece of advice…packet mixes!

  • When my son was very young, he used to have his head turned by the bright coloured packet mixes with his favourite TV characters on, these are a great way to introduce your kids to baking, simple guaranteed results, easy decorating!
  • But see their faces when they get to take raw ingredients, weigh, mix, taste, watch the cakes rise and decorate them. When you are little that feels like Kids have short attention spans and want to see results fast so small and simple bakes are a must to start with.
baking with kids blog

get them baking - by letting them bake!

Next…as hard as it can be, don’t take over and do it for them…

  • Step back and let the mess happen, let them crack the eggs and stir the ingredients.
  • Weighing out the ingredients and seeing them combine to make something tasty is where all the joy is.
  • Get them their own tools – small hands need smaller tools and we all like to have our own pretty accessories.
  • Make the time to spend doing this together, its good quality time and great for rainy day activities.
  • Being able to gift those treats is an even greater happiness to share with your kids.

Here are some fun bakes to try. Click on the title to be taken to the recipe... Bake together on a Sunday for some after school treats in the week and happy memories for life…

Chocolate crispy cakes

Chocolate tiffin

Butterfly cakes

Snowball dippers

My main piece of advice is HAVE FUN!

I was lucky enough to be able to combine my love of art and baking into a career where I get to share my passion for cakes with people every day.

I have now won several international awards for my cake designs and my business. You never know where baking can lead you, maybe you have a budding star baker at home? I’d love to know so please feel free to get in touch if you’d like to. Email [email protected] and share your baking successes.

Footnote from Nicola: I was really pleased that Sarah agreed to create this guest blog for us which really highlights the importance of spending quality time with our kids away from screens! I also love the idea that you can get messy and enjoy it without worrying about ruining clothes. Our range of luxury girls dresses have been designed for giving little people maximum opportunities for looking fab without being uncomfortable!

Sarah is the proud owner of Eat My Muffin Bakery.  Eat My Muffin Bakery is a highly unique wedding cake specialist, based in Burntwood, Staffordshire. Providing a fully bespoke and tailored service for your wedding, engagement and vow renewal events in Staffordshire and beyond.