our mission... be bold & brave in supporting important causes for our future generations

Buy from a business with a heart and a conscience...

1. responsible production

We think that mass produced fashion is not only having a negative impact on the environment and waste, it is also having a detrimental effect on the mindset of our future generations who are adopting a throw-away mentality to fashion. We believe this mindset not only contributes to wasteful tendencies, but that it can have an impact on the mental health of our children who believe they can't be seen in the same thing twice. 

Our way of tackling this issue is to create stunning, limited edition designs which are not only made from sustainable and durable materials but are also versatile to dress up or down - encouraging lots of wear!

We are proud to produce in partnership with the aweome Bobbin & Buckle who are a small specialist manufacturing outlet in the North East. They work with us to create a small  number of unique designs in each batch with minimal waste. 

Iris Dares Responsible Production

2. raising strong women everywhere

We are such passionate feminists here at Iris Dares, and we are startingly aware of the vast inequality that exists for women worldwide. 

We want to show our future generations the art of the possible, not just by breaking glass ceilings ourselves, but by supporting those who desperately require access to what we in the majority take for granted. 

We are proud to sponsor a girl in The Gambia via Action Aid. Through our support her community will receive vital funds to support accessing clean water, safe accommodation and education. This is something we care deeply about here at Iris Dares, and something we will be regularly updating you on through our social media channels and blog posts. You can view the amazing work of Action Aid by clicking here.

3. Give bees a chance

Protecting the beauty of our environment is something we are very inspired by here at Iris Dares. From being responsible with our production through to using eco friendly packaging; we want to help make a difference to our planet so that it is still as beautiful for future generations. 

Every Bee-utiful dress sold will result in a donation to a fab charity Give Bees A Chance - this organisation is leading the way in increasing awareness about the diminishing population of bees and working on conservation projects to stem the decline. 

Our beautiful Bee dresses are for your own busy bees, but you'll be leaving the real bees buzzing when you purchase too!

supporting children in care

4. supporting our youth

We are proud members of Worsley Creative Group SEO Beautiful - which makes a monthly donation to a youth charity to support vulnerable children in the UK. 

As parents we don't realise how lucky we are to be able to provide safety and sustenance for our babies - there are many where this is not the case, and we are proud to supporting charities which help little people.