a year in review - walking into 2020

As we steam roll into 2020, I wanted to reflect on the last year – and it’s been one hell of a ride. I ended one business only to start another and I’ve not looked back! It’s been busy, stressful and so bloody rewarding. I started the year with a vision for making a particular type of dress to facilitate and reflect little girls who were strong, independent and liked to be kids (i.e. rough and tumble) but to do so in a dress. I genuinely want to get the message across that girls don’t need to compromise. I don’t want girls to change - if they want to be feminine and wear pink, it doesn’t mean they won’t be the next CEO. So it’s meant me creating something unique and special. It took time and money, it was a process of trial and error, finding seamstresses and material, but finally I got the pockets there, soft jersey and very twirly with a raised front hem for kneeling.

So…I started with the fierce and feminine dresses (as why can’t feminists be feminine?), and it went to so well I started to add to the site. I really do love the concept of killing it whilst being best dressed, so I added some guest dresses too. Some super feminine (hello Asteria!) and others on request, because girls like more than unicorns and kittens - so I added dinosaurs and aeroplane dresses too. I also discovered dinosaur handbags (I couldn’t NOT stock these!), and little girls’ bags.

wooden worry wand

One of my most favourite ideas was making the ‘Worry Wand’. As passionate as I am about girls and women’s rights, I am also passionate about mental health of children. There are so many concerns today, and sometimes children don’t have the right words, can’t articulate their worries…so I added hand carved wooden Worry Wands with affirmation ribbons and a hand sewn unicorn pouch! I love seeing my site grow, my product range grow and ideas come to fruition.

The t-shirt idea was a natural progression and came recently…I want kids to express themselves, and I do think clothes are a great way to do this the Kids Power range was born!

Personally, life has changed for me too, I’m back in the North East near my parents which is amazing, living here with my two girls – one just started school which was amazing and seeing her in her first school play (as the LEAD no less!) brought on the crazy (I was at the door of the school hall an hour before it opened - don’t judge me, yes I was THAT mum!)

My life is eat, sleep, work, parent - repeat! Next year I have some plans though…I plan to start looking after myself more – more self-love, self-care – more baths, early nights, me time – eat better, lose weight – yeah yeah, I know it’s said every year but I really want 2020 to be MY year.


So…I also have some special thanks awards…for people who I have loved in business this year and have helped and supported me…

Pamela from Worsley Creative – thank you, thank you, thank you!! She is THEE SEO guru, and also designed my website. She has helped with everything from branding and beyond,  and always gives me a heads up on ideas and opportunities. She’s been a guiding light for my new biz and it’s been beyond a pleasure working with her!  I hope it’ll be a relationship that continues for the foreseeable future! She also wrote me some amazing guest blogs and really helps entrepreneurs smash it.  

thank you

Little Flowers by Slingo – Rachael is an amazing local illustrator and I tasked her with designing for me some Feminist Faces for my new range of skirtsand t-shirts and DAMN did she deliver. Bowie, Princess Leah, Wonder Women and Frida Kahlo – they look amazing on kids’ clothes and I can’t wait to work with her again!

Merpinz  – My girl Lou, lovely to meet you this year and it’s a been a privilege to stock your kick-ass handmade pins! You’re so talented girl!

Libby Ashmore is the brains behind Write on Tyne– and wrote me an amazing blog about activities to do with daring daughters…she is crazy talented in copy writing and content marketing – also does CV’s. Sorry, have to big her up, she’s a local genius.

Sarah Hadley-Rainsford from Eat My Muffin Bakery – she’s won awards for her cakes and writes a mean baking blog. Thank you for your time and support this year!

Stacey Painter wrote me an amazing guest blog, so grateful - it was SO interesting! Since stepping out of the fire-pit of social work, she has transferred her mental health knowledge and expertise into supporting individuals and couples with fertility struggles, pregnancy, birth and early parenting. Stacey has her own company @mamaknowsbest and kills it every day.

I’m so lucky to be working with such fabulous and individual women, all striving for independence with their own businesses and making their mark. If you are thinking of starting your own business do your homework and get going! It’s really worth it!

Here’s wishing you all an AMAZING 2020, please live your dreams!