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Looking for a bridesmaid dress, a flowergirl dress, a prom or birthday dress - but havent found quite what you're looking for? Not quite the right style or colour?

I can help!

If you like the look and feel of our dresses, but can't find just what you're looking for - get in touch!

Email or message us on social media. Tell us your requirements and we will see what we can do! We will contact my suppliers and can send you ideas with NO pressure to buy. Pressure is NOT our bag! 

Must be for more than 1 dress however (due to miniumum order from supplier) - and can take up to 3 weeks to arrive!

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what to look for when selecting a bridesmaid or flower girl dress...

Choosing the right dress for your special occasion can be so tricky - here are top 3 things to think about when selecting the perfect bridesmaid and flower girl dresses...

  1. How long are you expecting them to be in the dress? If the event is going to be all day, or there will be lots of different elements to the day then choose your dress wisely as comfort will become a big factor! Look for softer fabrics and colour choices that will withstand showing any mucky marks!
  2. Where is the main event taking place? If the venue is old fashioned and inside it may be colder than an outside venue! This is where choosing the right accessories and cover ups is just as important so that the overall outfit works - with minimum fuss!
  3. What makes your little girl feel like she can rock it? We are so passionate about girls feeling confident in their own skin and looking like they can conquer the world, so make sure you involve your little one in the choice - it will lessen any chance of resistance to wearing the outfit and their smile at loving their outfit will shine through in every photo!
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