Where can I find feminist dresses for girls that are stylish?!

The short answer is here! We understand that you want to empower your kids with clothing that does not conform to stereotypes, and we also know that you want them to feel and look stylish! Our ranges of dresses and accessories have been crafted to put comfort, utility and functionality at the heart of their design. When you shop with us you can shop with confidence that you are not compromising.

Feminist Kids Fashion

Where can I find ethical kids fashion?

Finding kids clothing which is ethically sourced and produced can be challenging in todays mass produced, mass promoted shopping environment. We carefully select our designs using the best fabrics which are sustainable and ethically produced where possible; and we are passionate about supporting small independent seamstresses and clothing manufacturers to minimise our carbon footprint.

Why is the feminist agenda so important?

We live in an age of so much information, so much opportunity and so much prosperity; yet we also live in a world which has a major equality issue – and we believe that equality is a basic human right. Our mission in 2020 is to promote our feminist ideals through funky kids’ fashion and accessories. We want to make a bold statement while looking stylish at the same time!

What does feminist fashion look like?

At Iris Dares we think that feminist fashion looks like whatever you want it to! Our designs put comfort, style and functionality first, so that your kids can get on with their adventures. We do not think that a child – girl or boy – should be defined or limited to outfit choice, and so we are passionately advocating the trend for funky dresses and accessories which make a statement, while allowing the child to be a statement!

Dinosaur outfits for girls?

We say yes!!! Dinosaurs, robots, planets and tractors – we want to encourage our kids to love whatever interest sparks their passion, and our ranges are always selected with the most fun and interesting fabrics and designs we can source. It is another thing we are passionately fierce about. In 2020 we think that every girl should own a bit of dinosaur fashion in their wardrobe!

kids mindfulness aids

How can I help my child with their mindset?

We all worry about our kids and their mental health. We also worry about how to talk to our kids about it without making them worry even more! In 2020 we believe it is really important to get our children talking, and we have introduced a range of mindfulness aids which encourage great conversations in a natural setting.

Talking has never been so magical!

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