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We are proud to be different here at Iris Dares - our dresses may be twirly but our thoughts are most definitely not! 

We believe in female empowerment, in daring to be bold and ambitious and breaking stereotypes to create a generation who know no limits. 

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I know you look at professional photos and think wow, wish my child would stay still and look at the camera. 

Becky Tranter from Becky Tranter Photography has shared with us her top 10 tips on how to take better pictures of your child/ren and improve your photography skills...

During my consultations with my families I always hear comments like; ‘you might have difficulties with x’, ‘they never stand still’, ‘they never smile at the camera’, ‘we can never get a good photo’ and finally but don’t worry I’ll tell them to be on their best behaviour or else!

This is your first mistake - you and I both know telling your child/ren to do something immediately means they do the complete opposite and as a matter of fact dig their heels in and find the energy to throw the biggest strop ever!

It wasn’t that long ago that I was a care free single woman with no real commitments and plenty of time to do exactly as I wanted. Or at least in some ways it doesn’t feel that long ago and yet in other ways it feel like it was a lifetime ago.

Here I am now with a 7.5yr old daughter, lots of commitments and way less time to myself. My partner and I have been together for just over 11 years now and it has been a very eventful 11 years...

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Weddings are so important. Not only do they cost so much hard-earned money, they are also your baby, an expression of your personalities coming together and it consumnes everything. It’s your one and only – the thing you think about and plan for for weeks, months – years sometimes! You feel like it’s the most important day of your life, the day you bind yourself with another, the day you pronounce your love to the most important people in your lives, your friends and families. So much to plan – the invitations, the flowers, the colour scheme, the venue, the cake, wedding breakfast, the church, suit hire, best man and ushers, entertainment, the honeymoon AHHH! No wonder it’s practically a full-time job....

Pink is my favourite colour. I think it always has been, and funny enough it is my son’s favourite colour as well. He likes it mainly because my hair is pink and it reminds him of me, but he is blissfully ignorant to the fact that pink is a colour that is also a statement, and not any statement, but one that defends one thing and the opposite at the same time...

feminist mother
happy 2020

a year in review! 2019 - 2020 for iris dares

As we steam roll into 2020, I wanted to reflect on the last year – and it’s been one hell of a ride. I ended one business only to start another and I’ve not looked back! It’s been busy, stressful and so bloody rewarding. I started the year with a vision for making a particular type of dress to facilitate and reflect little girls who were strong, independent and liked to be kids (i.e. rough and tumble) but to do so in a dress...

People often don’t like the term feminist. It creates eye rolling, stereotypes, but it’s IMPORTANT and needs to be talked about!

I’m a feminist because...

boys dressing up

how to raise the most caring boys (and you don't have to use the word feminist)!

Before kids, I think I shied away from the word ‘feminism’, it seemed harsh. Heavy with meaning and implications. But it’s not. It’s not man-bashing, or the belief girls are better, it simply means that girls and boys, women and men are the same. Girls can climb trees; boys can play with doll. End of. But it’s not as simple as that, is it?

It is so easy to lose your identity when you become a Mum. Hormones, pressure from social media, pressure from family and friends and ultimately pressure on yourself to become the perfect parent can mean that you lose all sense of what you stand for as a woman, as an individual in society and sometimes even as a human.

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get your kids baking! a guest blog by sarah hadley-rainsford, eat my muffin bakery

Getting kids of any age baking is not only a great way to create happy memories, build skills for life and be a creative outlet, it’s a great way to use maths and science in everyday life. It’s also has great mental health benefits to boot!

awesome activities for daring daughters - a guest blog by libby marks, write on tyne

Whilst ballet classes suit some little ladies down to the ground, other girls wouldn’t be caught dead being pink and poised. If your daughter would rather have muddy fingernails than master fifth position, this list is for you. Here are ten awesome activities for girls who want to explore, soar and more...

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daring to care, a guest blog by pamela rae-welsh, worsley creative

Having grown up in the 80’s I honestly don’t think that the stereotypical fashion traits of blue for boys and pink for girls was so prevalent; I mean I lived in a pair of banana yellow dungarees which I would pair with some hideously garish stripy or spotty hand knitted sweater that my Mum had made for one of my sisters years before!!

supporting girls acorss the world nic james

We are proud here at Iris Dares HQ to sponsor ActionAid’s Niamina West Project in The Gambia. The people there are very poor, but very eager to work to tackle their issues. They are working together with ActionAid to improve food production, increase the quality of life, education and importantly raise the status of women in their area.

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girls dont need limits! nic James!

Now to me, feminism is simply this. The right for females to be treated as equals to men. Notice I don’t say ‘the same’ – men and women are not the same. They don’t have the same physical make up or even brain patterns, but that doesn’t mean they, or we, are better. We are all better at some things than others. Men maybe say, physically stronger than women – but I’d love to see a man give birth (wowsa! I mean I really would). I have never thought more about inspiring feminism in others – until now...

Children... as adorable as they can be, they can also push our buttons beyond belief and leave us wondering "what the hell was that all about?". Understanding how their mind works is not an easy task. Luckily, neuroscience continues to open our eyes about the functioning of the child's brain, blowing outdated beliefs about how we should "respond" to children out of the water. 

There is endless information about the child's brain, but I thought I'd give you my top 5 "did you knows" which I have always found so helpful as both a professional and a parent. Enjoy! 

Did you know...? 

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