Weddings are so important.

Not only do they cost so much hard-earned money, they are also your baby, an expression of your personalities coming together and it consumnes everything. It’s your one and only – the thing you think about and plan for for weeks, months – years sometimes! You feel like it’s the most important day of your life, the day you bind yourself with another, the day you pronounce your love to the most important people in your lives, your friends and families.

So much to plan – the invitations, the flowers, the colour scheme, the venue, the cake, wedding breakfast, the church, suit hire, best man and ushers, entertainment, the honeymoon AHHH! No wonder it’s practically a full-time job!

Then there’s the invites and out-, sorry I mean in-laws to deal with, let alone your own family...Shall we invite Aunt Joyce? We can’t sit Uncle Ted next to cousin Sally, they haven’t spoken for months … Betty won’t come unless she can bring her crazy toddler,  Andy’s just broken up with his girlfriend, Pam and Leon still haven’t RSVP’d…the list is endless!

Then there’s the DRESS. The dress is THEE most crucial thing to a bride, closely followed by the bridesmaid dresses – you all need to look and. Feel amazing as lets. Be honest, regardless of how amazing your beef wellington meal is, the one thing EVERYONE talks about, takes photos of and remembers – is the dress. And the bridal party! You’ll want to look back at you and your bridesmaids with PRIDE, LOVE and JOY. Not…oh I so wish I’d gone with my gut instinct and got the lace…

So here are my top dresses – perfect for your special day! We have more, so check out our whole catalogue, but these ones really make me smile! They are a little different too - if you want to stand out and have a unique wedding!

  • Charlotte -  Ankle-length pink soft tutu dress. Beautiful lace with longer sleeve and open back, it's really an amazing dress - one that speaks elegance and grace. (See picture to the right) (£28)
  • Seraphina – Scrumptious, vintage and exquisite. Might be my favourite...It’s simply magical, a bit unusual, and a lot special. Oh and crazy affordable! (£30)
  • Snow White - Soft whimisical dress with gold lace detailing, with beading around the waist and cuff sleeves. A big red bow with a pin where you like IF you want a bow! Be different with this divine amd luxurious dress! (£42.50)
  • Aurora - Soft deluxe dress with pink cotton and blue lace detailing, with sumptuous beading around the waist and divine cuff sleeves. A big bow to position as you please! This really is magical and grand. (£42.50)
  • Amara - Two part pink lace and tulle girls dress. This set is amazing, with white lace top and long tulle-tutu skirt, this is perfect for parties, for bridesmaid dresses, flower girl dresses. It's a very dreamy set, it's perfect for twirling. (£35)
  • Sophia - Ankle-length gradient purple pink Girl's Tutu Dress. Beautiful and distinctive with white lace bodice with sculptured back and longer sleeve. It's an amazing girls party dress . Very swanky, unusual and grand! (£30)
tulle and lace  bridesmaid dress
star party girls dress
  • Asteria - Luxuriant star chiffon dress perfect for the party season! Named after Goddess of the Stars, Asteria. For feminine and fierce girls who need opulence and elegance. (£38)
  • Ate - An Iris Dares origional. Unleash the power of the twirl with this stunning original design from Iris Dares. Feminist fashion never gets better. A feminine dress with raised hem for crawling and climbing, pockets, soft jersey top. Each dress handmade in the UK by local seamstresses . (£36)
  • Ellie -Need the WOW factor? Then look no further. Girls NEED dresses that make them feel happy, fun and feminine! To be themselves, to be free, powerful and confident. This is it. This beautiful dress is long tulle in pale purple. Parties just got interesting! Comes with flower to pin where looks perfect. (£28)
  • Isabella -One elegant dress for any time you want to feel special. This dress is soft pinky peach and has long sleeves and a plush tutu dress attached - so it doesn't get any better! (£30)
  • Isla -Kids peach pink elegant girl dresses for parties, weddings and any time you want to feel special! Tulle tutu and silver belt for the special finishing touch. (£22)
  • Poppy - This set is divine, with white lace top and long plush tulle-tutu skirt, this is perfect for bridesmaid and flower girl dresses. (£35).