awesome activites for daring daughters

activities for the adventurous girl!

Whilst ballet classes suit some little ladies down to the ground, other girls wouldn’t be caught dead being pink and poised. If your daughter would rather have muddy fingernails than master fifth position, this list is for you. Here are ten awesome activities for girls who want to explore, soar and more...

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scuba diving

If your daughter can swim, she can learn to scuba-dive, which means underwater adventures ahoy! If your little one loves fish and fancies seeing them in their natural habitat, this could be the perfect thing to develop her interest. Children can learn to scuba dive on a five-week course in the safety of their local swimming pool. PADI (the Professional Association of Diving Instructors) is a great place to start your search for classes near you.

roller disco

roller derby

Already a hot trend for full-grown hipsters, this fast-paced, skate-based sport is great fun for kids and adults alike. Two teams of players race around a track trying to catch and overtake the others. As well as training kids in mad skate skills that will be the envy of the playground, this uber-cool sport is great for balance, fitness and teamwork. Most derby clubs take kids from 7 years+. Be warned, this activity can start your daughter on a path of lifelong coolness. Start your search at

climbing for ambitious kids!

Once restricted to fusty sports halls and specialist centres, climbing has come into the main stream thanks to the popularity of Clip ‘n’ Climb, the colourful franchise that kids have gone crazy for. If your happy lil’ human has a head for heights, Clip ‘n’ Climb centres offer a range of safe but challenging walls to try. Kids (and adults, if you want to join in) are fully harnessed so it’s super safe, and no prior experience or special clothing is required. Some centres run a weekly club for keen climbers to really learn the ropes.

martial arts

If your mini-me hasn’t watched Miraculous yet, they should. Super cool Marinette swings her way across Paris, kicking baddies’ butts with her pal, Cat Noir. She’s a great role model for girls as she’s kind, studious and kicks ass! She’s a force for good, both in the world and at high school, and she’s inspiring little girls to grow up to be daredevils and do-gooders.

If your daughter wants to learn to defend herself (or the capital of France!) judo, karate, taekwondo and even kickboxing are all great activities to help little people learn self defence and self discipline. 

girl doing martial arts
girl surfing


Hands up who lives near the coast? This one’s for you. Surfing is growing in popularity for girls of all ages, as it is fun, feel good and looks so cool!

Who wouldn’t want to catch a wave with the wind in their hair. Kids surf clubs are run all around the coast of Britain, with Cornwall, the North East and Wales all known for their awesome waves. 

Kids who can swim are able to start surf lessons from about 8 upwards, although some little dudes ride in tandem with an experienced parent much sooner. Most clubs will hire out all the equipment too so you can get started at very low cost!

treetop adventures

Treetop treks and high rope courses are fantastic fun for families with a head for heights. Get suited up in a safety harness and attack a series of aerial challenges like zip wires, rope bridges and other obstacles. 

Your little person will learn problem-solving, test their courage and get a massive confidence boost when they complete the course. If you fancy adventuring high off the ground and high on adrenaline, this is perfect for you. The only question now is...does my bum look big in this harness? Treetop Trek and Go Ape are two providers that operate around the country. 

wild camping

Connecting with nature and disconnecting from technology are widely accepted to boost mental health and physical wellbeing, and there are a growing range of activities to help young people do just that. Wild camping sites provide children with the opportunity to go free-range and have fun in a field, no Xbox included. If you’re in the North East, check out Birkheads Wild for their range of short visits and after school activities.

If you fancy taking the kids out yourself, don’t be tempted to take their Nintendo. Instead, switch to offline activities like star gazing, photography, card games and bug hunts to make memories that will last forever. (Certainly longer than a Fortnite...)

kids camping
indoor skiing

indoor skiing

If your little one loves the opening scenes of Frozen and wants to slide effortlessly across the ice like Elsa, you might want to explore your nearest snow centre. A far cry from the anaemic astro-turf of outdoor ski slopes, modern indoor snow centres are like mini mountain resorts.

Your little one can explore a range of fun activities like skiing, snowboarding, sledging and more. What’s more, all that snow fills you with a festive feeling that puts a hot chocolate firmly on the menu. What’s not to love...

trampoline gymnastics

If trampolining puts a bounce in your daughter’s step, it could be time to take things to the next level. Trampoline gymnastics is a gravity-defying discipline that combines...well, you can guess...trampolining and gymnastics. Classes can teach your aspiring Amelia Earheart to fly without wings, learning to somersault and flip high in the air. Check the British Gymnastics website if you’re little one is ready to take their hobby to new heights:


Riding high on the success of the England’s women’s team in the 2019 World Cup, football has never been more popular for girls. If your little lioness is ready to follow in the footsteps of Steph Houghton, there are plenty of ways to play.

The Football Association runs the Wildcats programme from girls aged 5-11. Your little kitty cat needs no prior experience to try the sport and will have regular chances to play after school or at weekends. Visit to find a Wildcats centre near you. 

england womens football

And there you have it. Ten top activities for your active daughter to try.

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Libby Marks is a copywriter and content marketer from the North East of England, as well as the proud mum of two amazing daughters who have inspired this list. If you need copy or content for your website, email [email protected] or visit for more info.