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Hi, I'm Nic and the founder of Iris Dares - a girlswear brand I began for my fierce and feminine little girls. I want to change the narrative that femininity is a weakness - NO, it's a SUPER POWER!

When I had my daughters I realised that little girls are what they are. I wanted to raise powerful, clever and independent girls - and they are. They are also the most feminine girls I could imagine - all on their own, no encouragment by me, and if they could roll in glitter and ride unicorns all day, well they would. And why not?

That doesn't make them weak or any less clever, powerful or able to change the future. I am so sick of that perception. So I started Iris Dares to spread the word that girls CAN wear what they like, that femininity does NOT equal weakness and that girls should dress for themselves and feel empowered doing so. Power isn't beige. It's pink (or orange, blue, yellow...!)

Iris is the Goddess of Rainbows. Strong and powerful...if you were wondering where the name came from! 

I care deeply about women's and girl's rights, about girls being pushed to challenge boundaries whilst also being themselves. Girls can wear a dress AND kick ass!

I also want these dresses to see EVERYTHING! Be that at as a bridesmaid, flower girl, party or playdate! Or a trip to the supermarket. 

Ps. A little about me! I am mum to my 2 fabulous girls!. We live with 4 fish and 2 guinea pigs and love our little family. :-) 

mother and child

bringing fierce & feminine girls dresses to life

I have invested so much time into understanding the fashion industry - the good, the bad and the downright ugly, and I have established there are a number of principles which my brand will always stand for. 

  • Quality - We will only use the best materials for our own brand dresses - which give durability and machine washability so you can trust that your dress will stand the tests of most adventures! We use otex material as standard which gives great stretch and bounce-back-ability! The dresses NOT made and designed by Iris Dares are sourced from all over the world from the best suppliers we can find!
  • Fun - Girls dont need to wear pink to feel feminine,  but they can if they want to. I love bold colours and those colours which make a statement. All of our dresses are in fun colours and prints and all are limited edition so you can be sure you will get something unique when you order from us.
  • Sustainability - We use eco-friendly packaging and source our fabrics from ethical sources and factories where possible.
  • Feminism - We work with women wherever possible - we don't mind the odd boy joining in every now and again but we are all about empoweirng women, equal rights and to show this we support a girl in The Gambia via Action Aid. Every dress you purchase will help to make a difference to her life, so you can feel like you are supporting the cause too.
  • Innovation - we are inspired by so many experiences in life and we endeavour to always reflect this in our designs and our business. 

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