10 Reasons I'm a feminist

People often don’t like the term feminist. It creates eye rolling, stereotypes, but it’s IMPORTANT and needs to be talked about!

I’m a feminist because:

tax on tampons
  1. Because women have to pay 5% tax on tampons because they are classed as a ‘luxury’ item;
  2. In Saudi Arabia, women were only allowed to drive in 2017and even then not immediately as they had to teach men how to ‘interact’ with them on the road.
  3. Because nearly 2000 girls and women in the UK were identified by NHS staff as having suffered Female Genital Mutilation between April 2019 and June 2019;
  4. 3% of women between 16-59 years have been sexually assaulted most likely by someone that she knows.
women in advertising


5.Because of the times I’ve had to tell a man “I have a boyfriend” to get him to leave me alone, because some men respect a man that they have never met, more than the wishes of the woman standing right in front of them.

6.Because the impossible standards of beauty that are placed on women – commercials, magazines, social media – all telling us to be thin and pretty

7.Because of thigh gaps, photo shop and the expectation of being a size 8. Oh and the expectation we ‘ping’ back into shape after a baby;

8, Because statistics show still in 2019, there is still a 17.8% pay gap in the UK for employees doing the same job.

happy girl

9, I am a feminist because in April of 2014, 276 Nigerian school girlswere kidnapped by an Islamist terrorist group, simply for receiving an education and because many girls in developing countries are unlikely to receive a secondary school education and even less likely to attend university.

10. I am a feminist because its seen as one of the worst insults to call a man is a ‘girl’ or a ‘pussy’ or told to ‘man up’ or ‘grow some balls’. That being feminine is seen as weak and supressing emotions is preferable.




 Most of all, I am a feminist because I believe in gender equality. I believe in the power of women. I believe that by being empowered, women can achieve so much. I believe in abolishing sexism so that men and women can live without a divide in a society that deems one gender as superior to the other. I am a feminist because I am so proud to be part of a movement that empowers so many women on a daily basis, including myself.